Authors: Wilkesmann, Uwe
Title: Social inequality in German football. Does money score goals?
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The aim of this study is to empirically address the following research questions using 2001-2015 data from the German League Bundesliga: Is there a relationship between players’ salary and league table ranking? How distinct is the social inequality of the German League Bundesliga? How strong is the influence of the UEFA’s premiums on this social inequality? To answer these questions, the distinctiveness and self-organization of the German League Bundesliga are explained, and the league’s potential as a solution to the problem of social inequality is explored. The data record is also described. The results confirm that players’ salaries and their ranking in the league tables are correlated: money scores goals. Recently, however, the social inequality of the German League Bundesliga has increased. One reason for this increase is the strong influence of the money the UEFA has transferred and still transfers to the clubs.
Subject Headings: players’ salary and league table ranking
Europa League
UEFA Champions League
social inequality
Issue Date: 2017-02
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