Authors: Bühler, Christian
Pelka, Bastian
Title: Empowerment by Digital Media of People with Disabilities
Other Titles: Three levels of support
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The paper differentiates three dimensions of access for eInclusion instruments: Firstly, digital media are understood as environments that offer multiple channels for interaction between persons with disabilities and their environments. This dimension is challenged by barriers that hinder people to use digital media. Peer support could be understood as a second dimension: Social media can empower people to act as social innovators and help people with disabilities. Barriers are identified in the effort that has to be done or in unsuitable ICT applications. On a third dimension, the advantages of “space” that offers ICT access, support for individual needs and competences, facilitated by specialized staff. The high costs, missing political backing and need for competences could be understood as main barriers here. The paper suggests to capitalize on social innovation approaches to design new support instruments for eInclusion.
Subject Headings: Digital Media
Social Media
Public Access Point
People with Disability
Subject Headings (RSWK): Social Media
Issue Date: 2014
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