Issue 22 : [50]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Self-Induced Acoustic Transparency in Semiconductor Quantum FilmsGovorov, A. O.; Kalameitsev, A. V.; Kovalev, V. M.; Kutschera, H.-J.; Wixforth, A.
20012D Bands and Electron-Phonon Interactions in Polyacene Plastic TransistorsMacDonald, A. H.; Núñez, Alvaro S.; Schliemann, John; Sinova, Jairo
2001Magnetic Anisotropy Variations and Nonequilibrium Tunneling in a Cobalt NanoparticleBonet, E.; Deshmukh, M. M.; Guéron, S.; Kleff, S.; Pasupathy, A. N.
2001Inclusion of Vertex Corrections in the Self-Consistent Calculation of Quasiparticles in MetalsTakada, Yasutami
2001Accurate Total Energies without Self-ConsistencyBenoit, David M.; Parrinello, Michele; Sebastiani, Daniel
2001Surface Temperature Dependence of the Inelastic Scattering of Hydrogen Molecules from Metal SurfacesDarling, G. R.; Holloway, S.; Wang, Z. S.
2001Direct Visualization of Random Crystallization and Melting in Arrays of Nanometer-Size Polymer CrystalsCastelein, Gilles; Reiter, Günter; Röttele, Andreas; Sommer, Jens-Uwe; Thurn-Albrecht, Thomas
2001Soluble-Insoluble Transition in Binary Heterogeneous NucleationKulmala, M.; Ortner, R.; Petersen, D.; Vrtala, A.; Wagner, P. E.
2001Hydrodynamic Bubble Coarsening in Off-Critical Vapor-Liquid Phase SeparationWarren, Patrick B.
2001Cross-Linked Nano-onions of Carbon Nitride in the Solid Phase: Existence of a Novel C48N12 Aza-FullereneCzigány, Zsolt; Hellgren, Niklas; Hultman, Lars; Neidhardt, Jörg; Stafström, Sven
2001Femtosecond X-Ray Measurement of Ultrafast Melting and Large Acoustic TransientsBlome, C.; Dietrich, C.; Horn von Hoegen, M.; Sokolowski-Tinten, K.; Tarasevitch, A.
2001Energy Landscapes and the Non-Newtonian Viscosity of Liquids and GlassesLacks, Daniel J.
2001Equation of State Measurements in Liquid Deuterium to 70 GPaAsay, J. R.; Bailey, J. E.; Hall, C. A.; Hanson, D. L.; Knudson, M. D.
2001Trapped-Particle Asymmetry Modes in Single-Species PlasmasDriscoll, C. F.; Hilsabeck, T. J.; Kabantsev, A. A.; O'Neil, T. M.; Yu, J. H.
2001Gluing Bifurcations in a Dynamically Complicated Extended FlowAbshagen, J.; Mullin, T.; Pfister, G.
2001Effects of Laser Polarization on Jet Emission of Fast Electrons in Femtosecond-Laser PlasmasChen, L. M.; Li, Y. T.; Liang, T. J.; Teng, H.; Zhang, J.
2001Coarsening and Slow Dynamics in Granular CompactionBaldassarri, A.; Krishnamurthy, S.; Loreto, V.; Roux, S.
2001Generation of Highly Repetitive Optical Pulses Based on Intracavity Four-Wave Raman MixingHirakawa, Yasuyuki; Imasaka, Totaro; Shinzen, Kenji
2001Quantum Tunneling Using Entangled Classical TrajectoriesDonoso, Arnaldo; Martens, Craig C.
2001Atomic Pseudospin ResonanceEhrenreich, T.; Fregenal, D.; Henningsen, B.; Horsdal-Pedersen, E.; Nyvang, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 50