Issue 27 : [68]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Efficient Multi-keV Underdense Laser-Produced Plasma RadiatorsBack, C. A.; Davis, J.; Decker, C.; Grun, J.; Suter, L. J.
2001Electromagnetic Energy Penetration in the Self-Induced Transparency Regime of Relativistic Laser-Plasma InteractionsAnderson, D.; Cattani, F.; Kim, A.; Lisak, M.; Tushentsov, M.
2001High-Confinement Regime at High betaN Values Due to a Changed Behavior of the Neoclassical Tearing ModesGude, A.; Günter, S.; Maraschek, M.; Sesnic, S.; Zohm, H.
2001Low-Current, Vertical Blowup in a Stored Laser-Cooled Ion BeamBowe, P.; Hangst, J. S.; Madsen, N.; Nielsen, J. S.; Siegfried, L. E.
2001Perfectly Monodisperse Microbubbling by Capillary Flow FocusingGañán-Calvo, Alfonso M.; Gordillo, José M.
2001Sensitivity to Perturbations of a Time-Reversed Acoustic Wave in a Multiple Scattering MediumDerode, Arnaud; Fink, Mathias; Tourin, Arnaud
2001Experimental Evidence for Detuning Induced Pattern Selection in Nonlinear OpticsBortolozzo, U.; Ramazza, P. L.; Villoresi, P.
2001Observation of Islands of Stability in Soft Wall Atom-Optics BilliardsAndersen, Mikkel; Davidson, Nir; Friedman, Nir; Kaplan, Ariel
2001Excitation of Rydberg Series in C60Boyle, M.; Hertel, I. V.; Hoffmann, K.; Levine, R. D.; Schulz, C. P.
2001Large Nondipole Effects in the Angular Distributions of K-Shell Photoelectrons from Molecular NitrogenFocke, P.; Hemmers, O.; Lindle, D. W.; Sellin, I. A.; Wang, H.
2001Dynamic Imaging of Nuclear Wave Functions with Ultrashort UV Laser PulsesBandrauk, André D.; Chelkowski, Szczepan
2001Absolute Measurements and Theoretical Calculations of Photoionization Cross Sections along the Isonuclear Sequence of Multiply Charged Barium IonsBizau, J.-M.; Blancard, C.; Cubaynes, D.; Esteva, J.-M.; Wuilleumier, F. J.
2001Description of the RHIC p [perpendicular] Spectra in a Thermal Model with ExpansionBroniowski, Wojciech; Florkowski, Wojciech
2001Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy of Multiply Ionized AtomsBiémont, E.; Palmeri, P.; Quinet, P.; Svanberg, S.; Zhang, Z. G.
2001Search for the Familon via B± --> pi±X0, B± --> K±X0, and B0 --> K0SX0 DecaysAmmar, R.; Anderson, S.; Bean, A.; Besson, D.; Zhao, X.
2001Parity Violation in Proton-Proton Scattering at 221 MeVBerdoz, A. R.; Birchall, J.; Bland, J. B.; Bowman, J. D.; Campbell, J. R.
2001Manifestation of a Nontrivial Vacuum in Discrete Light-Cone QuantizationSugihara, Takanori; Taniguchi, Masa-aki
20013D Grazing Collision of Two Black HolesAlcubierre, Miguel; Benger, Werner; Brügmann, Bernd; Lanfermann, Gerd; Nerger, Lars
2001Natural Quintessence with Gauge Coupling UnificationStephan-Otto, C.; de la Macorra, A.
2001Asymptotic Normalization Coefficient of 8B from Breakup Reactions and the S17 Astrophysical FactorCarstoiu, F.; Gagliardi, C. A.; Trache, L.; Tribble, R. E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 68