Authors: Castro, Alejandra
Wascher, Eva
Title: Dortmunder U and Union Quarter - The Role of Meanwhile Uses in Urban Regeneration
Other Titles: T-Factor Advanced Case Study Report
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This report is part of the T-Factor project Advanced Case Studies Portfolio. It introduces the case of the urban regeneration of "Rheinische Staße" in Dortmund as well as the revitalisation of Dortmunder U with the purpose of investigating the role of meanwhile/temporary uses in urban planning. The report presents a comprehensive overview of the context, chronology, stakeholders, results, impacts, and critical elements pertaining to each of the meanwhile uses that occurred during the urban regeneration in the Union Quarter (Rheinische Straße and Dortmunder U).
Subject Headings: Urban Regeneration
Temporary Use
Temporary Space
Meanwhile Use
Subject Headings (RSWK): Zwischennutzung
Issue Date: 2021
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