Authors: Hölsgens, Rick
Wascher, Eva
Bauer, Carolin
Boll, Judith
Bund, Stephanie
Dankwart-Kammoun, Saskia
Heese, Irina
Schrot, Katharina
Schultze, Jürgen
Tenambergen, Robert
Title: Transdisciplinary research along the logic of empowerment: perspectives from four urban and regional transformation projects
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Transformative research requires transdisciplinary collaboration, forcing researchers out of their disciplinary comfort zones. In transdisciplinary research projects, the role of (social) scientists changes, and non-scientific actors become part of research projects. Transdisciplinary research is particularly suited to not only generate scientific knowledge, but also invent real-world solutions and to innovative. This, however, does not come without challenges. Implementing a transdisciplinary project is time-consuming and requires the alignment of both the research and impact ambitions of all project partners. In this paper we build upon experiences gained in four transdisciplinary research projects and ask: (1) What is the transdisciplinary approach followed by the project? (2) Which opportunities and challenges can be identified for successful transdisciplinary collaborations? (3) What is the rationale for engaging in transdisciplinary research from the perspective of social scientists? Building upon the logics of interdisciplinary, a fourth logic, called the logic of empowerment, is identified as a driver for transdisciplinary research. Transdisciplinary collaboration empowers researchers to not only ‘discover’ innovations, i.e., to invent, but also to implement, i.e., to innovate.
Subject Headings: Transdisciplinary
Living labs
Knowledge production
Climate change adaptation
Subject Headings (RSWK): Interdisziplinäre Forschung
Issue Date: 2023-03-04
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