Authors: Kragh, Helge
Title: The Controversial Universe
Other Titles: A Historical Perspective on the Scientific Status of Cosmology
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The domain of cosmology is the universe, a singular concept, and basically for this reason cosmology is a science that differs from other sciences. For a long time there have been critical voices which argue that cosmology cannot be a proper science on par with, say, nuclear physics or hydrodynamics. This kind of critique goes a long way back in time, and I review it here in a historical perspective, focusing on the century from 1870 to 1970. I suggest that there are no good reasons to deny cosmology the status of a proper science. On the other hand, I also consider it natural, and a sign of health, that such foundational questions continue to be part of the cosmological discourse.
Subject Headings: cosmology
history of modern cosmology
Issue Date: 2007-07-06T20:52:05Z
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