Authors: Schweizer, Ben
Title: Bifurcation Analysis for Surface Waves Generated by Wind
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We study the generation of surface waves on water as a bifurcation phenomenon. For a critical wind-speed there appear traveling wave solutions. While linear waves do not transport mass (in the mean), nonlinear effects create a shear-flow and result in a net mass transport in the direction of the wind. We derive an asymptotic formula for the average tangential velocity along the free surface. Numerical investigations confirm the appearance of the shear-flow and yield results on the bifurcation picture.
Subject Headings: free boundary problems
bifurcation analysis
viscous flows
finite element discretization
Issue Date: 2001
Provenance: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Citation: Bifurcation Analysis for Surface Waves Generated by Wind, Ben Schweizer, SIAM J. Appl. Math. 62, 407 (2001), DOI:10.1137/S0036139900372569
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