Authors: Fine, Benjamin
Hahn, Miriam
Hulpke, Alexander
Rebel, Volker große
Rosenberger, Gerhard
Scheer, Martin
Title: All Finite Generalized Tetrahedron Groups
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A generalized tetrahedron groups is defined to be a group admitting a presentation <x, y, z | x^l = y^m = z^n = W^{p}_{1}(x,y) = W^{q}_{2}(y,z) = W^{r}_{z}(x,z) = 1> where l,m,n,p,q,r >= 2, each W_i(a,b) is a cyclically reduced word involving both a and b. These groups appear in many contexts, not least as fundamental groups of certain hyperbolic orbifolds or as subgroups of generalized triangle groups. In this paper, we build on previous work to give a complete classification of all finite generalized tetrahedron groups.
Subject Headings: generalized tetrahedron groups
generalized triangle groups
triangle of groups
Issue Date: 2008-04-15T11:59:58Z
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