Authors: Schweizer, Ben
Mihailovici, Michaela
Title: Effective model for the cathode catalyst layer in fuels cells
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We study a pore scale model for the catalyst layer on the cathod e side of a fuel cell, where hydrogen and oxygen combine at catalyst sites. Our model distinguishes microscopically the phases of rigid structure, electrolyte, pore-space, and catalyst. The oxygen concentration and the protonic potential are described by diffu sion equations with reaction terms on the catalyst's surface. For the limit of a vanishing pore size we derive homogenized equations of reaction-diffusion type and provide formulae for the effective coeffici ents. A dimensional reduction shows that a thin catalyst layer can be replaced by a boundary condition. We furthermore analyze the effect of a doubling of the Tafel slope for high protonic potentials and determine effective constants.
Subject Headings: homogenization
surface reaction
effective equation
fuel cell
Issue Date: 2008-03-25
Provenance: IOS Press
Citation: Mihailovici, Michaela; Schweizer, Ben: : Effective model for the cathode catalyst layer in fuels cells. In: Asymptotic Analysis Nr. 1-2, Jg. 57(2008), S. 105-123, preprint
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