Authors: Kikuchi, Kunimi
Saadat, Mostafa
Title: Expression of the protein phosphatases PP1a and PP1g1 in rat ascites hepatoma cell lines and in rat hepatocyte cell line
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Expressions of protein phosphatases 1a (PP1a), and 1g1 (PP1g1) was determined in cultured rat ascites hepatoma cell lines (AH-13, AH-109A) and in the normal rat hepatocyte cell line RLN-B2 by Northern blot analysis. High levels of PP1a mRNA expression were observed only in the hepatoma cells. In RLN-B2 cells only PP1g1 mRNA was increased compared to normal rat liver. In all cell types, mRNA levels of PP1g1 decreased as a function of harvest time. The present data show that PP1a mRNA is expressed at high levels in hepatoma cells in vivo, but rapidly decreased under critical nutritional conditions.
Subject Headings: ascites hepatoma
cell culture
protein phosphatase
Issue Date: 2005-10-10
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