Authors: Voigt, Ina K.
Title: Voronoi Cells of Discrete Point Sets
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: It is well known that all cells of the Voronoi diagram of a Delaunay set are polytopes. For a finite point set, all these cells are still polyhedra. So the question arises, if this observation holds for all discrete point sets: Are always all Voronoi cells of an arbitrary, infinite discrete point set polyhedral? In this paper, an answer to this question will be given. It will be shown that all Voronoi cells of a discrete point set are polytopes if and only if every point of the point set is an inner point. Furthermore, the term of a locally finitely generated discrete point set will be introduced and it will be shown that exactly these sets have the property of possessing only polyhedral Voronoi cells.
Issue Date: 2008-11-17T12:31:38Z
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