Authors: Ellebrecht, Mario
Morik, Katharina
Title: MLnet report: training in Europe on machine learning
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Machine learning techniques offer opportunities for a variety of applications and the theory of machine learning investigates problems that are of interest for other fields of computer science (e.g., complexity theory, logic programming, pattern recognition). However, the impacts of machine learning can only be recognized by those who know the techniques and are able to apply them. Hence, teaching machine learning is necessary before this field can diversify computer science. In order to find out where machine learning is taught in which context and to what extent, MLnet has gathered data from several European countries. In this report, an incomplete overview of the training situation in Europe is given and a questionnaire for obtaining a more complete survey is proposed.
Issue Date: 1999-10-29
Provenance: Universität Dortmund
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