Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Physiologie : [144]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Genetically encoded conformational probes for small GTPase activityGoody, Roger S.; Brand, Simone; Bastiaens, Philippe
2017Spatial distributed phosphatome determines EGFR phosphorylation responseBastiaens, Philippe; Mhamane, Amit; Musacchio, Andrea
2017Dynamic regulation of autocatalytic EGFR activationBastiaens, Philippe; Baumdick, Martin; Goody, Roger S.
2017Investigation of the properties of Acyl protein thioesterases and their role in Ras depalmitoylationWinter, Roland; Baumeister, Stefan; Musacchio, Andrea
2017Fluoreszenzbasierte Analyse von RNA-Protein-InteraktionenBrakmann, Susanne; Roszyk, Laura; Summerer, Daniel
2017Evaluierung der Lipidmuster S-acylierter Proteine und Azido-Ceramid Derivate zur proteomweiten Identifizierung neuer C16- Ceramid bindender ProteineWaldmann, Herbert; Schulte-Zweckel, Janine; Dehmelt, Leif
2017Mechanistic studies of Rab GTPase membrane targeting and cycling in cellsGoody, Roger S.; Li, Fu; Bastiaens, Philippe
2017Small molecule inhibition of lipidated proteins/cargo interaction and synthesis of a cinchona alkaloid-derived library as potent autophagy inhibitorsWaldmann, Herbert; Garivet, Guillaume; Wittinghofer, Alfred
2017The effect of oncogenic HRas on the RTK-PTP reaction networkBastiaens, Philippe; Stockert, Rabea; Goody, Roger S.
2017Discovery and target identification of small molecule autophagy inhibitorsWaldmann, Herbert; Robke, Lucas; Engelhard, Martin
2017Knock off and on: a novel approach to autophagy modulationGoody, Roger S.; Klewer, Laura Kristin; Bastiaens, Philippe
2017Identification and biological characterization of indoline-based autophagy inhibitorsWaldmann, Herbert; Rummelt, Marjorie A.; Engelhard, Martin
2017Identifizierung und Charakterisierung neurotropher Naturstoffderivate und kovalenter KinesininhibitorenWaldmann, Herbert; Förster, Tim; Dehmelt, Leif
2017Zellgängige Peptide zur Inhibition des Wnt/β-Catenin SignalwegesBrakmann, Susanne; Dietrich, Laura; Grossmann, Tom N.
2017Identifizierung neuer PDE6D-Bindungspartner und Entwicklung eines phänotypischen Screens zur Identifizierung biologisch aktiver IndolochinolizineWaldmann, Herbert; Küchler, Philipp Robert Felix; Dehmelt, Leif
2017Systems analysis of the spatial regulation of oncogenic Ras signallingBastiaens, Philippe; Heinelt, Kaatje Friederike; Dehmelt, Leif
2017Spatial-temporal regulation of EGFR phosporylation by protein tyrosine phosphatasesBastiaens, Philippe; Fengler, Sven; Grecco, Hernán E.
2017Fluorescent sensors for the small GTPase switchGoody, Roger S.; Voß, Stephanie; Winter, Roland
2014The spatial organization of MAPK activityBastiaens, Philippe I.; Karajannis, Lisa Sophia; Winter, Roland
2016Structural and biochemical characterization of the lid-loop of acyl protein thioesteraseRauh, Daniel; Porfetye, Arthur Thomas; Musacchio, Andrea
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 144