Authors: Bolt, Hermann M.
Title: Extremely long latency time of hepatic angiosarcoma in a vinyl chloride autoclave worker
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Vinyl chloride is a human carcinogen. The characteristic tumour is the hepatic angiosarcoma, first observed in the 1970s in vinyl/polyvinyl chloride workers, especially in polymerization autoclave workers. Recent epidemiological studies demonstrate a dependence of the tumour incidence on both the duration and cumulative quantity of exposure. However, there is only limited data concerning the possible tumour latency times. Here, a case of hepatic angiosarcoma is presented that had been exposed to vinyl chloride in a very typical way as autoclave worker between 1957 and 1965. The patient was incidentally diagnosed with hepatic angiosarcoma in April 2008. Thus, the tumour latency time, from the beginning of occupational vinyl chloride exposure to clinical diagnosis, was 51 years. This underlines the importance of a continuing medical surveillance of workers exposed to vinyl chloride, at times before its carcinogenicity was recognized and regulatory action could be taken.
Subject Headings: angiosarcoma
latency time
vinyl chloride
Issue Date: 2009-03-11T10:27:30Z
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