Authors: Engell, Sebastian
Sand, Guido
Urselmann, Maren
Title: Analysis of a memetic algorithm for global optimization in chemical process synthesis
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Engineering optimization often deals with very large search spaces which are highly constrained by nonlinear equations that couple the continuous variables. In this contribution the development of a memetic algorithm (MA) for global optimization in the solution of a problem in the chemical process engineering domain is described. The combination of an evolutionary strategy and a local solver based on the general reduced gradient method enables the exploitation of a significant reduction in the search space and of the ability of local mathematical programming solvers to efficiently handle large continuous problems containing equality constraints. The global performance of the MA is improved by the exclusion of regions that are defined by approximations of the basins of attraction of the local optima. The MA is compared to the combination of a scatter search based multi-start heuristic using OQNLP and the local solver CONOPT.
Issue Date: 2008-12
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