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dc.contributor.authorBueno, Tania M.-
dc.contributor.authorDressler, Valderi L.-
dc.contributor.authorDuarte, Fábio A.-
dc.contributor.authorFlores, Érico M. M.-
dc.contributor.authorFranciscato, Carina-
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dc.contributor.authorPereira, Maria E.-
dc.description.abstractThis research investigated the in vivo (ZnCl2 27 mg/kg; CuSO4 10.2 mg/kg) and in vitro effects of zinc and copper on acetylcholinesterase activity of different cerebral areas, Zn and Cu levels in cerebrum, and body weight gain of young Wistar rats. Three-day-old rats were injected (s.c.) with 5 doses (saline, Zn, Cu or Zn+Cu) for 5 consecutive days and were killed 24 h after the last dose. In the other experiment, 7-day-old rats received only 1 dose (saline, Zn or Cu) and were killed at 1, 6 or 24 h after. For the in vitro experiments, the acetylcholinesterase activity from cerebrum of 8-day-old rats was analyzed in presence of Zn or Cu (0.01 to 1 mM). Regarding the in vivo experiments, only body weight gain was decreased by 5 simultaneous administrations of Zn and Cu. The acetylcholinesterase activity from cerebrum and cerebellum and cerebral zinc and copper contents were not altered by the treatments. In vitro, Cu 0.1 and 1 mM, but not Zn, inhibited the enzyme of both cerebrum and cerebellum. The enzymatic activity from cerebrum and cerebellum homogenate was more sensitive to Cu than the enzymatic activity from S2 and S1 fractions, respectively, since less metal was necessary to inhibit the enzyme.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEXCLI Journal ; Vol. 8, 2009en
dc.subjectbrain growthen
dc.subjectcerebral metal levelsen
dc.subjectsuckling ratsen
dc.titleHigh doses of zinc and copper alter neither cerebral metal levels nor acetylcholinesterase activity of suckling ratsen
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