Authors: Schweizer, Ben
Pop, Iuliu S.
Title: Regularization schemes for degenerate Richards equations and outflow conditions
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We analyze regularization schemes for the Richards equation and a time discrete numerical approximation. The original equations can be doubly degenerate, therefore they may exhibit fast and slow diffusion. Additionally, we treat outflow conditions that model an interface separating the porous medium from a free flow domain. In both situations we provide a regularization with a non-degenerate equation and standard boundary conditions, and discuss the convergence rates of the approximations.
Subject Headings: doubly degenerate equation
outflow problem
numerical approximation
variational inequalities
Issue Date: 2009-10-23T10:24:26Z
Appears in Collections:Preprints der Fakultät für Mathematik
Schweizer, Ben Prof. Dr.

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