Authors: Dolata, Ulrich
Title: Reflexive Stimulation or Disjointed Incrementalism?
Other Titles: Readjustments of National Technology and Innovation Policy
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Are national technology and innovation policies becoming obsolete under the conditions of an increasing internationalization of science, technologies and industry? The paper supports the argument that despite globalization and Europeanization, national technology and innovation policies remain the most important and effective level of governance in this area of policy. The argument will be elaborated in four steps: firstly, the paper presents a brief overview of the discussions and controversy concerning the future governance of technology and innovation policies. Secondly, the effects of changing general conditions on national policies are discussed, especially the policy implications of the development of new technologies, of the internationalization of industry and of the growing importance of public discourses. Thirdly, the relations between the national and the European level of governance are analyzed and an answer is given to the question why there has not been a significant shift of competencies and resources from the national to the European level until now. Against this background and with a special view regarding the German case, the paper finally analyses strategic reorientations, new elements and instruments of the national technology and innovation policy and discusses their impact on science, industry, and society.
Issue Date: 2005-07
Provenance: Technische Universität Dortmund
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