Authors: Gafri, O.
Izhar, A.
Livshitz, Y.
Shribman, V.
Title: Pulsed Power Forming
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: R&D and application work in the sphere of Pulsed Power Forming (PPF) is well known and has been documented since the 1960's, along with its advantages. Pulsed Power Forming applications, which have been developed at Pulsar Ltd over the last decade, are described in this paper. Special equipment and tools for forming have been designed, developed, and manufactured, utilising pulsed magnetic fields. Theoretical and experimental research has been carried out to determine the magnetic field distribution in certain types of solenoids for diameters up to 600 mm. The software for mechanical pressure simulation and calculation has been carried out. Research and application of forming by electrical discharge into liquid medium have been carried out with higher deformation than it has been attained by the classic processes. Flat forming, cutting, and/or perforating of very thin materials (with thicknesses in the range of 0,1 up to 0,3 mm), such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, etc., have been made by applying high magnetic field with elastic medium. In addition, forming and cutting of a steel tube with ~100 mm OD and a wall thickness up to 3 mm have been executed using direct high pulse magnetic field action. Aluminium tubes with OD ~100 mm and a wall thickness less than 0,5 mm have also been similarly processed.
Subject Headings: electrical discharge
high energy
Issue Date: 2004
Provenance: Institut für Umformtechnik - Technische Universität Dortmund
Is part of: 1st International Conference on High Speed Forming, March 31, April 1, 2004, Dortmund, Germany
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