Authors: Adeyemi, Oluyomi Stephen
Sulaiman, Faoziyat Adenike
Title: Changes in haematological indices and protein concentrations in Trypanosoma brucei infected rats treated with homidium chloride and diminazene aceturate
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Anaemia and immunosuppresion have been shown to be a cardinal feature in African trypanosomosis. In this study, we have evaluated and compared the capacity of two registered veterinary trypanocides Novidium® (homidium chloride) and Berenil® (diminazene aceturate) to reduce haematological and biochemical lesions in rats experimentally infected with T. brucei. Packed cell volume (PCV), lymphocyte and eosinophil values in infected negative control group were significantly different and lower compared to positive control group as well as infected animals treated with homidium chloride and diminazene aceturate (P<0.05). Also the white blood cell (WBC) and neutrophil counts in the negative control group were lower and significantly different from the other groups indicating evidence of infection-induced immunosuppresion. Haematological indices in infected rats treated with homidium chloride and diminazene aceturate were higher (P<0.05) than obtained in infected negative control group and significantly different from positive control (P<0.05). Total protein and albumin concentrations in infected negative control group were higher and significantly different from control and treated animals (P<0.05). In contrast, significantly lower values were obtained for albumin concentrations in treated animals compared to both negative and positive control groups (P<0.05). Results suggest that drugs administered have capacity to improved blood components as well as reverse immunosuppressive action of infecting trypanosomes.
Subject Headings: anaemia
biochemical lesions
T. brucei
Issue Date: 2010-07-26
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