2010 - Volume 6 : [9]

Editorial Policy Content

"Science, Technology & Innovation Studies" is a reviewed bi-annual online journal that publishes analytical, theoretical and methodological studies
  • on the creation and use of scientific knowledge and its relation to society,
  • on the development of technology and its social impact and control,
  • on innovation in industry and in the public sector.
The STI journal was initially launched to provide a focused forum for the German speaking community of STI researchers to present their research to a broader international audience. However, the responses we received during the last years indicate that STI-Studies meanwhile has become a "normal" journal which generates requests (and article submissions) from all over the world. In 2008 we, thus, have changed our editorial policy, opening the journal tentatively for contributions from international STI researchers as well.
The articles are published in English. Anonymous double blind peer review is to assure high quality of all articles in this online journal. Submissions are reviewed by two external peers.
Each issue of the journal contains three to four articles of no more than 20 pages, which can be downloaded free of charge as PDF files.

Special Issues

Additionally to the two regular numbers of the journal, "Science, Technology & Innovation Studies" plans to publish one special issue per year with a specific thematic focus. This special issue will be published under the responsibility of a guest editor, who is also responsible for the organisation of the peer review process. Proposals are welcome.


Collections in this community


  • Ingo Schulz-Schaeffer
    University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Raymund Werle
    Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne
  • Johannes Weyer
    TU Dortmund

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Arno Bammé
    Interuniversity Institute, Klagenfurt
  • Armin Grunwald
    Research Centre Karlsruhe
  • Dorothea Jansen
    University of Administrative Sciences, Speyer
  • Regine Kollek
    University of Hamburg
  • Werner Rammert
    TU Berlin
  • Volker Schneider
    University of Konstanz
  • Peter Weingart
    University of Bielefeld

Editorial Staff (at TU Dortmund)

Jens Kroniger
Technical support, web publishing