Authors: Leupers, Rainer
Marwedel, Peter
Title: Retargetable Compilers for Embedded DSPs
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Programmable devices are a key technology for the design of embedded systems, such as in the consumer electronics market. Processor cores are used as building blocks for more and more embedded system designs, since they provide a unique combination of features: flexibility and reusability. Processor-based design implies that compilers capable of generating efficient machine code are necessary. However, highly efficient compilers for embedded processors are hardly available. In particular, this holds for digital signal processors (DSPs). This contribution is intended to outline different aspects of DSP compiler technology. First, we cover demands on compilers for embedded DSPs, which are partially in sharp contrast to traditional compiler construction. Secondly, we present recent advances in DSP code optimization techniques, which explore a comparatively large search space in order to achieve high code quality. Finally, we discuss the different approaches to retargetability of compilers, that is, techniques for automatic generation of compilers from processor models.
Issue Date: 1998-07-04
Provenance: Universität Dortmund
Appears in Collections:Entwurfsautomatisierung für Eingebettete Systeme

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