Authors: Hazod, Wilfried
Title: The concentration function problem for locally compact groups revisited
Other Titles: Non-dissipating space-time random walks, tau-decomposable laws and their continuous time analogues
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The concentration function problem for locally compact groups, i.e., the structure of groups admitting adapted nondissipating random walks, is closely related to relatively compact M- or skew semigroups and corresponding space-time random walks, resp. to tau-decomposable laws, where tau denotes an automorphism. Analogous results are obtained in the case of continuous time: Non-dissipating Lévy processes are related to relatively compact distributions of generalized Ornstein Uhlenbeck processes and corresponding space-time processes, resp. T-decomposable laws, T =(tau_t) denoting a continuous group of automorphisms acting on groups of the form N = C_K(T).
Issue Date: 2011-02-17
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