Authors: Leupers, Rainer
Title: Novel Code Optimization Techniques for DSPs
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Software development for DSPs is frequently a bottleneck in the system design process, due to the poor code quality delivered by many current C compilers. As a consequence, most of the DSP software still has to be written manually in assembly language. In order to overcome this problem, new DSP-specific code optimization techniques are required, which, in contrast to classical compiler technology, take the detailed processor architecture sufficiently into account. This paper describes several new DSP code optimization techniques: maximum utilization of parallel address generation units, exploitation of instruction-level parallelism through exact code compaction, and optimized code generation for IF-statements by means of conditional instructions. Experimental results indicate significant improvements in code quality as compared to existing compilers.
Issue Date: 1998-07-02
Provenance: Universität Dortmund
Appears in Collections:Entwurfsautomatisierung für Eingebettete Systeme

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