Authors: Reuss, Gerd
Title: Beitrag zur Überwachung des thermischen Spritzprozesses mittels Schallemissionsanalyse (SEA)
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: During the coating of components like rolls the major parameters are easily to control. But this is not sufficient to guarantee and stable a high coating quality. Additionally non-controllable parameters, e.g. nozzle wear, influence the process mainly. For this purpose a new testing method is necessary. On base of the acoustic emission analysis a testing method was developed in order to control the spraying conditions.In this investigation acoustic emission (AE) is applied to analyse the signals generated by the impact of the molten particles on the component surface. The analysis of the signals is carried out in combination with a new classification method. On account of the very high signal number and the following signal overlapping conventional AE-methods can not be applied. For this reason the whole frequency spectrum has to be analysed. The result does not depend on the component geometry. Neural networks can be used for an industrial application of this method.
Subject Headings: Schallemissionsanalyse
Neuronales Netz
Thermisches Spritzen
Issue Date: 2001-11-29
Provenance: Universität Dortmund
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