Authors: Tobias, Stefan
Title: Kosteneffizientes Theater? Deutsche Bühnen im DEA-Vergleich
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: Cost-efficient performing arts? German theatres in a DEA comparison. This doctoral dissertation is concerned with the degree of cost-efficiency in German theatres. Its starting point is the observation that, on average, box-office revenues of German public theatres cover just 16% of their costs while the rest is borne by the public purse. This gives rise to the suspicion that some of the theatres might be cost-inefficient. Thus, the cost-efficiency of 25 touring companies, 108 municipal and state theatres and 8 private theatres is examined over the four seasons 1995/96 to 1998/99 and by applying the data envelopment analysis (DEA) methodology. DEA is nonparametric and does not only give efficiency scores but also identifies benchmark firms serving as an example for inefficient firms. The present study is the first one to apply DEA to theatres. In contrast to earlier studies concerned with the productivity of theatres, its interest does not center on the theatre sector, but on single theatres; efficiency scores are computed not only for theatres as a whole but also for smaller parts (e.g. the theatre administration or the ballet company); alternative and innovative output measures are applied and output quality is taken into account. Additionally, an existing DEA model is modified in order to identify not only the amount of inefficiency but also its sources. Furthermore, the link between quality and certain economic variables is examined. The results indicate substantial savings potentials on average between 11% and 19% (depending on the perspective taken) and in absolute terms well above 300m per year. Moreover, it is shown that privatizing public theatres might bring about further efficiency gains in the region of 22%. Finally, the issue is discussed of how to use DEA scores in the financing of theatres in order to make them operate efficiently.
Subject Headings: Theater
data envelopment analysis
output measures
performing arts
Issue Date: 2003-12-23
Provenance: Universität Dortmund
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