Authors: Andalib, Sasan
Naeini, Azadeh Motavallian
Vaseghi, Ali
Vaseghi, Golnaz
Title: Sedative and hypnotic effects of Iranian traditional medicinal herbs used for treatment of insomnia
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: For tens of centuries, plants have been highly valued and regularly used as medicine amongst the masses. Insomnia, a loss of sleep, is mostly treated by synthetic sleeping tablets these days. However, questions have been raised about the safety of prolonged use of artificial sedatives due to their deleterious side effects such as physical dependence. In recent years, there has been an increasing propensity to preclude insomnia by herbal medicines throughout the world. Many herbs have a lengthy background in terms of insomnia treatment in Iran. This paper gives an account of previously published research on sedative and hypnotic effects of medicinal herbs used for treatment of insomnia in Iranian traditional medicine.
Subject Headings: hypnotic effect
Iranian medicinal herbs
Iranian traditional medicine
sedative effect
Issue Date: 2011-12-02
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