Authors: Anderhub, H.
Backes, M.
Biland, A.
Boller, A.
Braun, I.
Bretz, T.
Commichau, S.
Commichau, V.
Domke, M.
Dorner, D.
Gendotti, A.
Grimm, O.
Hildebrand, D.
Horisberger, U.
Köhne, J.-H.
Krähenbühl, T.
Kranich, D.
Krumm, B.
Lorenz, E.
Lustermann, W.
Mannheim, K.
Neise, D.
Pauss, F.
Renker, D.
Rhode, W.
Ribordy, M.
Rissi, M.
Röser, U.
Stark, L. S.
Stucki, J.-P.
Tibolla, O.
Viertel, G.
Vogler, P.
von Gunten, H.
Warda, K.
Weitzela, Q.
Title: FACT - The first Cherenkov telescope using a G-APD camera for TeV gamma-ray astronomy
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Geiger-mode Avalanche Photodiodes (G-APD) bear the potential to significantly improve the sensitivity of Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes (IACT). We are currently building the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope (FACT) by refurbishing an old IACT with a mirror area of 9.5 square meters and are constructing a new, fine-pixelized camera using novel G-APDs. The main goal is to evaluate the performance of a complete system by observing very high energy gamma-rays from the Crab Nebula. This is an important field test to check the feasibility of G-APD-based cameras to replace at some time the PMT-based cameras of planned future IACTs like AGIS and CTA. In this article, we present the basic design of such a camera as well as some important details.
Subject Headings: Cherenkov telescope
Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode (G-APD)
ground-based gamma-ray astronomy
Issue Date: 2011-01-01
Provenance: Elsevier
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