Authors: König, Christoph
Prasol, Lukas
Uhlmann, Eckart
Ziefle, Alexander
Title: Coupled FEM-Simulation of Magnetic Pulse Welding for Nonsymmetric Applications
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Pulse magnetic welding can be seen as a well developed manufacturing process. However, the realization of this technology implies a high degree of knowledge concerning the intrinsic mechanisms of current transmission and force generation and accordingly a high potential of optimization can be expected. Modelling pulse magnetic forming processes requires a transient electromagnetic calculation in order to obtain the generated currents and forces. The prediction of the deforming result requires an explicit structural simulation, as the forming process is conducted in timescales of a few 100 μs. A close investigation of the relevant physical entities is carried out with ANSYS Workbench and ANSYS Emag. Furthermore, the results of the Emag calculations are used as boundary conditions for explicit structural simulations with ANSYS AUTODYN in order to predict the needed charging energy for a joining process. For validation, a comparison between simulated and measured results with respect to magnetic flux density and discharge current is shown.
Subject Headings: fem
parameter controlled bonding
pulse magnetic welding
Issue Date: 2012-07-18
Is part of: 5th International Conference on High Speed Forming, April 24th - 26th 2012, Dortmund, Germany
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