Authors: Kaushik, Atul
Kumar, Munish
Rohilla, Smriti
Tanwar, Renu
Vinod, V.C.
Title: Orofacial manifestations of achondroplasia
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Achondroplasia (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man [OMIM] 100800), is considered as a form of skeletal dysplasia dwarfism that manifests with stunted stature and disproportionate limb shortening. Achondroplasia is of special interest in the field of dentistry because of its characteristic craniofacial features which include relative macrocephaly, depressed nasal bridge and maxillary hypoplasia. Presence of large head, implanted shunt, airway obstruction and difficulty in head control requires special precautions during dental management. The current case report highlights the orofacial manifestations of Achondroplasia in a young pediatric patient, along with the multidisciplinary treatment (including the dental treatment) done for the patient which also might help the general practitioners in better understanding of the condition.
Subject Headings: achondroplasia
craniofacial manifestations
short stature
Issue Date: 2012-09-19
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