Authors: Cai, Qing-Xian
Chong, Yu-Tian
Gao, Zhi-Liang
Huang, Zhan-Lian
Lin, Bing-Liang
Lin, Chao-Shuang
Zhao, Zhi-Xin
Title: Diethylene glycol poisoning and liver function following accidental diethylene glycol injection
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to investigate the hepatotoxic effects of accidental intravenous diethylene glycol (DEG) poisoning in patients with liver disease. Clinical manifestations were recorded and liver function tests were carried out for 64 patients with liver disease who had been accidentally treated intravenously with DEG. Comparisons were made between the poisoned and non-poisoned groups. Of the 64 cases with preexisting liver disease, 15 cases (23.4 %) developed toxic presentations after exposure to DEG. All cases were men. Twelve of the 15 poisoned patients (80 %)died within seven days. The intravenous administration of DEG resulted in only mild liver function impairment. Gender (p = 0.039) and the severity of jaundice prior to DEG administration were risk factors related to the occurrence of toxin-induced renal failure (p < 0.006). The results suggest that DEG may worsen liver damage in patients with preexisting liver disease. However, our study demonstrated only mild, transient alterations in patients’ baseline liver functions. Severe liver damage secondary to DEG was only occasionally seen in patients with concomitant renal failure.
Subject Headings: diethylene glycol
drug-induced liver disease
underlying liver diseases
Issue Date: 2012-09-28
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