Authors: Esedoglu, Selim
Rätz, Andreas
Röger, Matthias
Title: Colliding Interfaces in Old and New Diffuse-interface Approximations of Willmore-flow
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This paper is concerned with diffuse-interface approximations of the Willmore flow. We first present numerical results of standard diffuse-interface models for colliding one dimensional interfaces. In such a scenario evolutions towards interfaces with corners can occur that do not necessarily describe the adequate sharp-interface dynamics. We therefore propose and investigate alternative diffuse-interface approximations that lead to a different and more regular behavior if interfaces collide. These dynamics are derived from approximate energies that converge to the L1-lower-semicontinuous envelope of the Willmore energy, which is in general not true for the more standard Willmore approximation.
Issue Date: 2012-10-01
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