Authors: Schmidt, Melanie
Title: Coresets and streaming algorithms for the k-means problem and related clustering objectives
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The k-means problem seeks a clustering that minimizes the sum of squared errors cost function: For input points P from the Euclidean space R^d and any solution consisting of k centers from R^d, the cost is the sum of the squared distances of any point to its closest center. This thesis studies concepts used for large input point sets. For inputs with many points, the term coreset refers to a reduced version with less but weighted points. For inputs with high-dimensional points, dimensionality reduction is used to reduce the number of dimensions. In both cases, the reduced version has to maintain the cost function up to an epsilon-fraction for all choices of k centers. We study coreset constructions and dimensionality reductions for the k-means problem. Further, we develop coreset constructions in the data stream model. Here, the data is so large that it should only be read once and cannot be stored in main memory. The input might even arrive as a stream of points in an arbitrary order. Thus, a data stream algorithm has to continuously process the input while it arrives and can only store small summaries. In the second part of the thesis, the obtained results are extended to related clustering objectives. Projective clustering minimizes the squared distances to k subspaces instead of k points. Kernel k-means is an extension of k-means to scenarios where the target clustering is not linearly separable. In addition to extensions to these objectives, we study coreset constructions for a probabilistic clustering problem where input points are given as distributions over a finite set of locations.
Subject Headings: K-means clustering
Big data
Issue Date: 2014
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