Authors: Orlowsky, Jeanette
Title: Analyzing of coatings on steel - reinforced concrete elements by mobile NMR
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A large number of infrastructural concrete buildings are protected against aggressive environments by coating systems. The functionality of these coating systems is mainly affected by the composition and thickness of the individual polymeric layers. For the first ti me ever, a mobile nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) sensor allows a non-destructive delermination of these irnportanl paramelers on the building sile. However, before lhis technique can be used on steel-reinforced concrete elements, the potential effect of the reinforcement on the measurement, i .e. the NMR signal, needs to be studied. The results show a shift of the NMR profile as weil as an increase of the signals amplitude in the case of the reinforced samples, while calculating the thickness of concrete coating leading to identical results.
Subject Headings: Coating
Non-destructive testing
Layer thickness
Issue Date: 2016
Provenance: de Gruyter
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