Authors: Sapanathan, T.
Yang, K.
Raoelison, R. N.
Buiron, N.
Jouaffre, D.
Rachik, M.
Title: Effect of Conductivity of the Inner Rod on the Collision Conditions During a Magnetic Pulse Welding Process
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The Magnetic Pulse Welding (MPW) process involves a high speed collision between the flyer and inner rod. Conductivity of the inner rod may play a significant role in the collision speed and collision angle. The collision conditions were investigated with varying conductivity of the inner rod in this study. Coupled mechanical-electromagnetic 3D simulations were carried out using LS-DYNA package to investigate the effect of conductivity of the inner rod on the collision patterns during the MPW process. The simulation involves a welding process with a tube and a rod using a one turn coil with a separate field shaper. The electrical conductivity was varied to a wide range to investigate the influence on the collision condition. Moreover, in order to verify the independency of the collision condition with the mechanical properties of the inner rod, two cases including aluminum alloy AA2024-T351 and copper with appropriate Johnson-Cook parameters were used for the rod. In the entire simulations aluminum alloy was used as the tube material. It was identified that the impact velocity is almost consistent for each case and the impact angles vary between negative and positive values according to the angular measurement convention used in this study. Although, influence of the conductivity of the inner rod is not significant for the investigated current flow while it may sometime delay the incidence of collision at lower frequencies than the critical frequency (FCrit). Optimizing the collision conditions in the MPW process can help to identify the suitable materials for prescribed welding conditions.
Subject Headings: magnetic pulse welding
collision velocity
numerical modelling
Subject Headings (RSWK): Magnetumformen
Issue Date: 2016-04-27
Is part of: 7th International Conference on High Speed Forming, April 27th-28th 2016, Dortmund, Germany
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