Authors: Zhao, Fei
Li, XinHua
Title: Ultrasonic-assisted enzymatic extraction of silymarin from the Silybum marianum seed shell and evaluation of its antioxidant activity in vitro
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This study revealed the optimal conditions for the Ultrasonic-Assisted Enzymatic Extraction (UAEE) of silymarin, and include: the concentration of ethanol, 50 %; enzyme concentration, 30 U/mg; liquid-solid ratio, 6:1; an extraction time of 120 min; and the ultrasonic power at 180 W. The extraction rate was 7.86 %, which is higher, by 74.67 %, than that of the silymarin extract from the Silybum marianum meal prepared by a distinct approach. SEM micrographs of the inner and outer surfaces of the Silybum marianum shell obtained by variant extractions demonstrated that the extraction of silymarin required the destruction of cell walls. The results suggest that UAEE is a promising alternative for the extraction of silymarin. The antioxidant activities of the silymarin were evaluated in vitro by its capabilities to scavenger the DPPH, hydroxyl and superoxide free radicals, as well as by its tyrosinase inhibitory activity. The results showed that silymarin has significant antioxidant activity, thus it can be used as a functional food material against oxidative stress. We believe that the knowledge gained from this study should contribute to the further development and application of this resource.
Subject Headings: Silybum marianum
ultrasonic assisted enzymatic extraction
Box–Behnken design
antioxidant activity
Issue Date: 2015-07-27
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