Authors: Orazbayev, B. B.
Orazbayeva, K. N.
Kurmangaziyeva, L. T.
Makhatova, V. E.
Title: Multi-criteria optimisation problems for chemical engineering systems and algorithms for their solution based on fuzzy mathematical methods
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Mathematical equations for the multi-criteria task of the optimisation of chemical engineering systems, for example for the optimisation of working regimes for industrial installations for benzene production, have been formulated and developed, and based on fuzzy mathematical methods, algorithms for their solution have been developed. Since the chemical engineering system, which is being researched, is characterised by multiple criteria and often functions in conditions of uncertainty, the presenting problem is formulated in the form of multicriteria equations for fuzzy mathematical programming. New mathematical formulations for the problems being solved in a fuzzy environment and heuristic algorithms for their solution have been developed by the modification of various optimisation principles based on fuzzy mathematical methods.
Subject Headings: multi-criteria optimisation
optimisation principles
benzene production
the task of fuzzy mathematical programming
Issue Date: 2015-08-26
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