Authors: Shakeri, Halaleh
Gharesouran, Jalal
Fakhrjou, Ashraf
Esfahani, Ali
Mohaddes Ardebili, Seyyed Mojtaba
Title: DNA methylation assessment as a prognostic factor in invasive breast cancer using methylation-specific multiplex ligation dependent probe amplification
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: DNA methylation of promoter regions is a common molecular mechanism for inactivation of tumor suppressor genes that participates in carcinogenesis. Determining the methylation status of genes in cancer and their association with clinical features play an essential role in early diagnosis, prognosis and determine appropriate treatment for patients. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the methylation of tumor suppressor genes in patients with invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC). Furthermore, we evaluated the association between clinical parameters and DNA methylation as a biomarker in diagnostic IDC patients. The methylation-specific multiplex ligation dependent probe amplification (MS-MLPA) assay was used to analyze the methylation profile of 24 genes in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples from 75 patients with IDC. Each of the patients showed a distinctive methylation profile. We observed higher methylation in the RASSF1 (48 %), CDH13 (44 %) and GSTP1 (36 %) genes. Some of the methylated genes were associated with clinical features. Methylation of GSTP1 (P=0.028) and RASSF1 (P=0.012) were related with lymph node metastasis. Methylation of GSTP1 (P=0.005) was associated with high histological grade. Moreover, concurrent methylation of GSTP1 and CDH13 was observed in IDC patients (p<0.001). Hierarchical cluster analysis based on the methylation profile revealed two main clusters of patients, the highly methylated cluster being significantly associated with high histological grade and lymph node metastasis. The results of this study indicate that the methylation status of RASSF1 and CDH13 and GSTP1 can be a prognostic marker to better management of IDC patients.
Subject Headings: MS-MLPA
breast cancer
tumor suppressor genes
Issue Date: 2016-01-11
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