Authors: Tirloni, Adriana Seára
Reis, Diogo Cunha dos
Bornia, Antonio Cezar
Andrade, Dalton Francisco de
Borgatto, Adriano Ferreti
Moro, Antônio Renato Pereira
Title: Development and validation of instrument for ergonomic evaluation of tablet arm chairs
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to develop and validate an evaluation instrument for tablet arm chairs based on ergonomic requirements, focused on user perceptions and using Item Response Theory (IRT). This exploratory study involved 1,633 participants (university students and professors) in four steps: a pilot study (n=26), semantic validation (n=430), content validation (n=11) and construct validation (n=1,166). Samejima’s graded response model was applied to validate the instrument. The results showed that all the steps (theoretical and practical) of the instrument’s development and validation processes were successful and that the group of remaining items (n=45) had a high consistency (0.95). This instrument can be used in the furniture industry by engineers and product designers and in the purchasing process of tablet arm chairs for schools, universities and auditoriums.
Subject Headings: school furniture
seated posture
item response theory
Issue Date: 2016-11-07
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