Authors: Wiezorrek, Anke
Title: Beitrag zur Konfiguration von globalen Wertschöpfungsnetzwerken
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: In this thesis an approach for the configuration of global networks is developed, to face new challenges posed by Industrie 4.0 and an increasing globalization. Industrie 4.0 leads to higher autonomy and self-organization of single supply chain processes. Globalization causes an increasing fragmentation und worldwide scattering of supply chain units. Until now, decisions for configuration are often enforced by strategic directions on a network level. However, the arrangement of the network structure takes place on a more and more detailed planning level with individual goals. Global network goals and consequences on other supply chain units are neglected. To face these challenges, a new approach is developed to enable a configuration on a more detailed planning level considering global goals on a network level. Structural decisions are made on a detailed level with regard to their impacts and contribution to global network goals. This requires consistent structural decisions between nework-, site- and process-level, which are ensured by an integrative top-down-bottom-up approach. Furthermore, the cause-and-effects-relationships between global network goals and single location factors as well as influencing factors are defined to achieve an objective and comprehensible identification of the relevant factors and their contribution to global goals. Based on that, a goal-oriented adjustment of these factors can be made by selecting effective structural measures. Altogether, the subjectiveness of structural decisions can be reduced. To consider interdependencies between supply chain units and network effects, the structural decisions in this approach are made on a holistic level considering the impacts on the complete network. Therefore, all network partners and corresponding processes along the order flow, from supplier to end customer, are considered in structural decisions. The approach is based on a continuous decision making process, so that relevant changes are detected in advance and structural adjustments can be made proactively. The development of the single steps of the approach is oriented towards an implementation in a logistics assistance system, which supports the user during the complete decision process.
Subject Headings: Wertschöpfungsnetzwerk
Subject Headings (RSWK): Wertschöpfung
Industrie 4.0
Issue Date: 2017
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