Authors: Zarei, Malek
Sabetkasaei, Masoumeh
Moini-Zanjani, Taraneh
Title: Paradoxical effect of minocycline on established neuropathic pain in rat
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Neuropathic pain occurs after peripheral nerve damage, inflammation or infection. In this situation, microglial cells become activated and play a key role in producing pain. Minocycline (microglia inhibitor), was reported to reduce pain when used preventively. However, it seems that, when used after nerve injury, results in its pain reducing effects are different. In this regard, to assess the pain reducing differences of minocycline, neuropathic pain was induced by the ligation of the sciatic nerve in the rat which is recognized as chronic constriction injury (CCI) and minocycline was administered before and after sciatic nerve injury. Wistar male rats (200-250 g, n=6) were used in these experiments. Rats were distributed in various groups: vehicle-treated CCI (control), sham- operated and minocycline-treated CCI groups. In the first part of the experiment (pre-injury study), minocycline (10, 20, 30 and 40 mg/kg,) was injected one hour before surgery and then daily for two weeks. In the second part (post injury study), minocycline was administered: 1: at day one after nerve damage once a day to day 14, 2: at day seven after surgery and continued daily until day 14. Analgesimeter for thermal hyperalgesia and von Frey hairs for mechanical allodynia were used to evaluate pain behavior. Thermal hyperalgesia and mechanical allo- dynia were attenuated significantly, when minocycline used before surgery, while it was not able to reduce pain behavior administered after surgery. It seems that, in spite of what some previous studies have reported, here, minocycline is not able to attenuate established neuropathic pain.
Subject Headings: minocycline
neuropathic pain
Issue Date: 2017-03-08
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