Authors: Uygun, Yilmaz
Title: A multi-agent-based communication prototype for cross-company capacity exchange in manufacturing networks
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Manufacturing companies face tough challenges in leveling their capacity load due to unsteady market conditions, like fluctuating demand. This induces frequent re-scheduling in order to harmonize the capacity utilization of machine tools to meet customer requirements in terms of delivery time, costs, and product quality. In most cases an internal adjustment is not possible, so that a subcontracting is unavoidable. This requires significant efforts and can be very time and cost intensive. So, there is a need for a system supporting the cross-company capacity exchange which is yet not addressed in both literature and industry. This paper deals with the development of such a capacity exchange system and presents first result of its application.
Subject Headings: Capacity
Multi-agent System
Production Planning and Control
Issue Date: 2017-10-23
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