Authors: Zrnzević, Ivana
Stanković, Miroslava
Stankov Jovanović, Vesna
Mitić, Violeta
Đorđević, Aleksandra
Zlatanović, Ivana
Stojanović, Gordana
Title: Ramalina capitata (Ach.) Nyl. acetone extract
Other Titles: HPLC analysis, genotoxicity, cholinesterase, antioxidant and antibacterial activity
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In the present investigation, effects of Ramalina capitata acetone extract on micronucleus distribution on human lymphocytes, on cholinesterase activity and antioxidant activity (by the CUPRAC method) were examined, for the first time as well as its HPLC profile. Additionally, total phenolic compounds (TPC), antioxidant properties (estimated via DPPH, ABTS and TRP assays) and antibacterial activity were determined. The predominant phenolic compounds in this extract were evernic, everninic and obtusatic acids. Acetone extract of R. capitata at concentration of 2 μg mL-1 decreased a frequency of micronuclei (MN) for 14.8 %. The extract reduces the concentration of DPPH and ABTS radicals for 21.2 and 36.1 % (respectively). Values for total reducing power (TRP) and cupric reducing capacity (CUPRAC) were 0.4624 ± 0.1064 μg ascorbic acid equivalents (AAE) per mg of dry extract, and 6.1176 ± 0.2964 μg Trolox equivalents (TE) per mg of dry extract, respectively. The total phenol content was 670.6376 ± 66.554 μg galic acid equivalents (GAE) per mg of dry extract. Tested extract at concentration of 2 mg mL-1 exhibited inhibition effect (5.2 %) on pooled human serum cholinesterase. The antimicrobial assay showed that acetone extract had inhibition effect towards Gram-positive strains. The results of manifested antioxidant activity, reducing the number of micronuclei in human lymphocytes, and antibacterial activity recommends R. capitata extract for further in vivo studies.
Subject Headings: Ramalina capitata acetone extract
micronucleus test
antioxidant activity
cholinesterase inhibition
antimicrobial activity
chemical composition
Issue Date: 2017-05-11
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