Authors: Abdel-Hady, Abdelnaser A.A.
Abdelbasset, Khaled M.
Soliman, Ahmed S.
Title: Comparative experimental study on two designed intravenous anaesthetic combinations in dogs
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The goal of the present study is to design a good anaesthetic program for dogs which can lead to optimal anaesthesia with no or minimal post-operative adverse effects. For this purpose, we designed two naesthetic combinations and compared their effects in Mongrel dogs: combination ‘A’ consisting of atropine, xylazine, ketamine plus propofol, and combination ‘B’ consisting of atropine, diazepam, ketamine plus propofol. The onset and duration of anaesthesia induction, the duration of maintenance as well as the period of recovery were recorded and compared for both combinations. Furthermore, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature as well as blood picture were analyzed before and after administration of the proposed anaesthetic regimens. Administration of combination ‘A’ lead to rapid onset, within seconds, and induction of anaesthesia. The anaesthetic effect was maintained for approximately 29 minutes after injection of propofol. This was followed by very smooth recovery within approximately 68 minutes after induction of anaesthesia. In contrast, a less efficient induction and maintenance of anaesthesia as well as individual variability was observed after administration of combination ‘B’. Approximately 14 minutes were needed for anaesthesia induction, which was maintained for 23 minutes after injection of propofol. Furthermore, administration of combination ‘B’ was associated with alterations in heart rate, body temperature and hematological picture. In conclusion, our results revealed that combined administration of atropine, xylazine, ketamine plus propofol (combination ‘A’) is considered satisfactory for anaesthesia in dogs with minimal postoperative side effects.
Subject Headings: propofol
Issue Date: 2017-05-22
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