Authors: Randjelović, Pavle
Veljković, Slavimir
Stojiljković, Nenad
Sokolović, Dušan
Ilić, Ivan
Title: Gentamicin nephrotoxicity in animals: current knowledge and future perspectives
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Due to high relative blood flow the kidney is prone to drug-induced damage. Aminoglycoside type antibiotic gentamicin is one of the leading cause of drug-induced nephrotoxicity. In recent years gentamicin nephrotoxicity is significantly reduced by shifting to once daily dosage as well as by eliminating known risk factors. Application of gentamicin is still related to serious side effects which are reported more often compared to other antibiotics. Because gentamicin is still heavily used and is highly efficient in treating infections, it is important to find mechanisms to reduce its nephrotoxicity. This aim can only be achieved through better understanding of kidney metabolism of gentamicin. This problem has been extensively researched in the last 20 years. The experimental results have provided evidence for almost complete understanding of mechanisms responsible for gentamicin nephrotoxicity. We now have well described morphological, biochemical and functional changes in kidney due to gentamicin application. During the years, this model has become so popular that now it is used as an experimental model for nephrotoxicity per se. This situation can mislead an ordinary reader of scientific literature that we know everything about it and there is nothing new to discover here. But quite opposite is true. The precise and complete mechanism of gentamicin nephrotoxicity is still point of speculation and an unfinished story. With emerge of new and versatile technics in biomedicine we have an opportunity to reexamine old beliefs and discover new facts. This review focuses on current knowledge in this area and gives some future perspectives.
Subject Headings: gentamicin
oxidative stress
Issue Date: 2017-03-24
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