Authors: Siebels, Tim
Title: Untersuchung von Transport-, Umschlag- und Lagerprozessen bezüglich ihres Potenzials zur autarken Energieversorgung semi-aktiver multisensorischer RFID-Transponder
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: The aim of this doctoral thesis is to create a self-sufficient energy supply for a semi-active and multi-sensory RFID transponder. In this context the main focus lies on new scientific findings with regard to the ambient energy that is available on a single loading unit during the processes of transport, handling and storage. By using appropriate energy har-vesting technologies such as photovoltaic cells, thermoelectric generators or vibration-powered generators, it is possible to convert the ambient energy into electrical energy, which can therefore be used for sensor transponders. To define the potential amount of energy that can be harvested from light radiation, tempera-ture differences and vibrations in connection with the processes of transport, handling and storage on the level of a single loading unit, practical measurements are executed in the first instance. Moreover, the acceleration values recorded during the practical tests are evaluated in order to identify the frequency range within which the highest amplitudes of acceleration can be expected, because this information is essential for optimizing vibration generators. This is done by using a Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT). Furthermore, a functional model of the self-sustaining and multi-sensory RFID transponder will be developed on the basis of the new scientific findings deduced from the practical research. It essentially consists of the energy harvesting modules which were con-sidered as the most appropriate for logistic processes, an energy management module as well as a sensor transponder for exemplary monitoring the surrounding humidity and temper-ature. The general functionality of the evaluation model is proven by extensive laboratory tests. Additionally, a comprehensive profitability analysis is elaborated. It contains concise statements about the economic efficiency of using self-sustaining and multi-sensory RFID transponders for monitoring the quality of individual loading units in distribution logistics.
Subject Headings: Distributionslogistik
Issue Date: 2018
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