Authors: Niessen, B.
Siegel, M.
Groche, P.
Title: Investigations on Shock Waves during Collision Welding
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Collision welding is a joining process that bases on the high speed impact between two joining partners. Caused by the dynamic behaviour (welding time < 10 μs), the investigation of the actual process is associated with a high technical effort. Therefore, the basic mechanisms of the process and a possible interaction have not yet been conclusively clarified. In previous experiments on a model test rig for collision welding, indications have occurred on some high-speed images that could be characterized as shock waves. This paper describes the set-up of a Background-Oriented-Schlieren system (BOS) and its integration in the existing test rig for a closer examination of the occurring phenomena. The first aim was to increase the visibility of the occurrences in the medium surrounding the collision. As a result of the commissioning, it can be stated that shock waves were detected and propagate at supersonic speed. However, these do not only originate from the closing gap, but there is also an interaction between the colliding samples and the set-up environment.
Subject Headings: collision welding
shock waves
Issue Date: 2018-05-15
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Is part of: 8th International Conference on High Speed Forming
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