Authors: Rajak, Ashish K.
Kumar, Ramesh
Kore, Sachin D.
Title: Effect of Eccentric Field-shaper on Electromagnetic Crimping of Terminal Wire Interconnections
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: With the increase in losses in electric power transmission in crimped terminal-wire interconnections, due to improper crimping using conventional crimping process, it is essential to find a more efficient crimping technique. Some crucial challenges in conventional terminal-wire crimping process are spring back of terminal on tool relaxation, non-uniform terminal deformation due to tool-terminal contact process, flash out of material, voids between the wire strands etc. To overcome these problems Electromagnetic crimping process is found to be a most suitable technique. In this work, an eccentric geometry field-shaper is used for electromagnetic crimping of aluminium terminal over the aluminium wires which hasn’t been used yet in this field. Numerical simulations were carried out using LSDYNATM Electromagnetic module software. Results like current density, magnetic field, Lorentz force, and terminal deformation were discussed. The results from the numerical simulations were used for carrying out experiments. The validation was carried out using terminal deformation and terminal-wire contact length. The result of the work will be useful for electromagnetic crimping, welding and cladding process for similar applications.
Subject Headings: electromagnetic terminal-wire crimping
finite element method Introduction
Issue Date: 2018-05-15
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Is part of: 8th International Conference on High Speed Forming
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