Authors: Schwiegelshohn, Chris
Sohler, Christian
Title: Logistic Regression in Datastreams
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Learning from data streams is a well researched task both in theory and practice. As remarked by Clarkson, Hazan and Woodruff, many classification problems cannot be very well solved in a streaming setting. For previous model assumptions, there exist simple, yet highly artificial lower bounds prohibiting space efficient one- pass algorithms. At the same time, several classification algorithms are often successfully used in practice. To overcome this gap, we give a model relaxing the constraints that previously made classification impossible from a theoretical point of view and under these model assumptions provide the first (1 + epsilon) -approximate algorithms for sketching the objective values of logistic regression and perceptron classifiers in data streams.
Issue Date: 2014-01
Appears in Collections:Sonderforschungsbereich (SFB) 876

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